Emergency Response Software From APCO International
9-1-1 Adviser®
APCO's 9-1-1 Adviser® Software puts all aspects of emergency response at the dispatcher's fingertips.

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Easy-to-Use. Cost-Effective. Configurable.

APCO 9-1-1 Adviser® is easy to use and cost-effective, and it can interface with your current computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system.

Designed Just for Your Communications

Configure aspects of the software to meet your geographic region's unique needs, including the language used.

  • All Caller Questions
  • Vital Points
  • Prearrival Instructions
  • Post Dispatch Instructions
  • Priorities

All-in-One Software

9-1-1 Adviser® software includes law enforcement, fire department, and EMS, and Missing and Exploited Children (MEC) response modules all in one. Pricing is based on per-workstation licenses. Quantity discounts are available.

Free Training Tutorial

Backed by the experience and expertise of APCO Institute, 9-1-1 Adviser® includes the option of onsite training or a free, web-based tutorial.

APCO 9-1-1 Adviser® features
  • Rewritten to run under the latest .NET framwork (v4.0)
  • Separate call taker, supervisor and administrator applications.
    • Call taker Includes:
      • Recent calls list from which calls can be selected for viewing or updating.
      • Separate active call window
    • Supervisor Includes:
      • Quality Assurance and syndromic surveillance components
    • Administrator Includes:
      • Configuration and guide card editing components
  • Promotes backwards compatibility with MEDS in that it utilizes the existing CAD interface and cases archive
APCO 9-1-1 Adviser® is now available for use in the live call-taking environment.